Art Direction For Film And Television With Rod Gorwood

A Two-Week Introductory Workshop

Day 1 – introduction to the workshop
1. basic equipment required
2. how to read drawings
3. the use of scale drawings, practical measuring/surveying a given location.
4. drawing an accurate scaled plan and elevations from your own sketch notes.
5. summary of the days work

Day 2 – brief review of previous days work, followed by:
1. practical: converting drawings into a working 3d white card model.
2. examples of sketch models and discussion.
3. summary of the days work.

Day 3 – brief review of previous days work:
1. identifying methods by which drawings are constructed.
2. practical: basic drawing for architectural construction.
Day 4\5 – brief review of previous days work:
1. practical: measure and draw an existing architectural element (eg: doors, windows, period detailing from existing location, tba)
2. make a photographic survey.
3. summary of the days work.

Day 6 – brief review of previous days work:
1. practical: draw full size drawings from survey sketches, to scale. using photographs to support the drawings.

Day 7 – brief review of previous days work:
1. practical: set up a simple perspective drawing ( 2 point, and multi point.) the use of story boards.

Day 8 – brief review of previous days work:
1. using axonometric \ isometric drawings, and sketch visuals to formulate set designs.
2. architectural terminology\ common names for architectural details.

Day 9 – brief review of previous days work:
1. review past film production drawings, and story boards.
2. design a simple set, either for studio or location.

Day 10 – brief review of previous days work:
1. make full presentation of work.
2. critique of work,and make a selection of work to be included in portfolio.

Further to the 2 week course, it would be useful to attempt to organise extra days to spend with other specialists, such as scenic artists, sfx designers, directors, directors of photography, set constructors, etc, this would be subject to availability of the specialist individuals .
I have also been running more intensive 10 week Art Direction courses, covering many topics, from Construction drawing, surveying, Architectural sketching, script breakdowns, and general Art Directors duties within a Film TV or Commercials based environment. all my courses are non-certificated, however they bring to the student essential skills required when entering into an Art department on any production. The skills are all hand craft drawing skills, which can be supplemented by a students proficiency using digital means, a sector which I would not cover on my course structure.