Designer, Art Director, Artist.

Television Film Dramas

  • We are Seven – HTV Wales period drama, art director
  • Return to Treasure Island – HTV Wales/Walt Disney, Art Director
  • Elidor – BBC London, art director
  • Prime Suspect – Granada Television Series, art director
  • Cracker – Granada Television, art director
  • Reckless – Granada Television, art director
  • Cold Feet – Granada Television, art director
  • Coronation Street – Granada Television, art director
  • Micawber – Yorkshire Television, art director
  • Law Zone – Yorkshire Television, art director
  • Distant Shores – Granada \ Yorkshire Television, art director
  • Macbeth – Granada Television, art director
  • Rhinoceros – Granada Television, art director
  • Monarch of the Glen – ecosse films \ BBC Scotland, art director
  • Wall of Tyranny – Columbia Pictures \ HTV Wales, art director.
  • The Grimleys – Granada Television, art director
  • STV News set
  • Trilogy of crime dramas STV
  • Coronation¬† Street 50th anniversary Episode sequences, as Storyboard artist to Graeme Harper, Director.
  • Music related series
  • Little Match Girl – HTV Wales, art director
  • Bryn Tervil Christmas Special – HTV Wales, designer
  • Richard and Judy Special – Granada Television, art director.
  • Mastermind- tribute outside broadcast, to Magnus Magnussen, at the Glasgow Caledonian University, BBC
  • Tom Jones special – HTV Wales, art director

Feature Films

  • 24 Hour Party People – director Michael Winterbottom, art director
  • 28 Days Later – director Danny Boyle, art director
  • Code 46 – director Michael Winterbottom, art director
  • Millions – director Danny Boyle, art director

General Qualifications

  • University of Teesside, gained first class honours in design and architectural studies
  • studied an MA at the Metropolitan University of Manchester
  • studied as a navigation – nautical sciences \ marine officer with canadian pacific shipping company, (foreign and home waters).
  • Studied Law at South Glamorgan University
  • Visiting Artist Aalto University Helsinki.


  • StoryBoarding, Film and TV & Animation, And Concept Work.
  • Surveying ( Architectural / Film )
  • Construction drawings, For all types of Sets, ( see technical section)
  • Coordinator with Special Effects Departments. and all related Departments within the Media, and also within Traditional Industry – ( see Creative Business Consultant Page).
  • Media Business Consultant.

Lecturing Experience

  • Newcastle College of Design
  • Granada Television, (film and design studies)
  • Skillset, Feature Film training programme Mentor.
  • Visiting Artist within the Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture, Aalto University Helsinki from 2005 until 2012..
  • Artist in Residence Programme 6 month residency within Aalto University, Developing Business and Media initiatives within the Satakunta region of Finland, and lecturing on Creative
  • Bradford University film school – UNESCO city of film

Management techniques

  • Coronation street, training assistants Art Direction technique
  • Birmingham City University

Other Topics

  • Language Skills, some French
  • Travelled and traded Worldwide whilst under the employment with Canadian Pacific Shipping Company as Navigation Officer on many types of Merchant Navy vessels.
  • Portfolio and references from Producers and Directors in the Feature Film industry are also available (see References section).
  • Consultant / Advisor to Gateshead College, Newcastle upon Tyne.Consultant / Advisor to Cleveland College of Art and Design, Hartlepool.

Personal Details

  • Nationality – British ( Scots )
  • Born St Andrews, Fifeshire, Scotland.