To begin with, my professional career has revolved around the TV and Feature film industry for more than 25 years, practicing as a Designer and Art Director on many high profile dramas at home and abroad.
The many forms of artistry attained by me over the years has allowed me to diversify within other creative fields,  such as delivering seminars and Art Direction craft courses to International students, within the UK, and for 7 years at Aalto University Finland, as a visiting Professor.
The artwork on show is an example of my most recent collection of Childrens characters, namely, the ‘Yorkshire Hares’ series, destined for adventure / educational books, animation and other avenues such as a childrens foundation, and yet other avenues, as yet unexplored.
The old saying ‘never lose the child within’ describes my nature perfectly, as I have always been fascinated by the power of imagery and word, therefore, the whole concept of the ‘Yorkshire Hares’ is to instill a sense of wellbeing and positive energy within children to inspire self belief. If my images and words can create this, I will be very much fullfilled.
I have, as you will notice, avoided where possible, attaching titles or storylines to the images, the reason being is that I want children to create their own ( without my influence) storylines, although I do, formulate my own stories when drawing.
My adopted region of N.Yorkshire, namely Hudswell village and Richmond  has been a very important part of my life for some time now, this area has inspired ‘the’ new creations, borne from this regions unique natural beauty and its inherent mythological background.